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"Perhaps the most critical need for Nkosh’s foundation was to implement change on the grass-root level for our farmers, the true backbones of our primarily agrarian economy. Our effort is to modernize the supply and demand side for farmers by introducing a simple yet effective interface, thereby bringing a technological intervention that results in the prosperity of farmers and consumers alike."

Soil Testing

A very important factor to determine the maximum yield on their farms, Nkosh offers state-of-the-art soil testing that entails analysis of soil samples that determines nutrient content, composition, and various other categories such as pH value and soil acidity. The test is used to mimic the function of roots to assimilate minerals. It is performed to diagnose the soil and the same can be performed through our Nkosh App which provides the paradigm information of soil health

Crop Health and Growth

The Nkosh App offers unique features that aids with crop health and growth by notifying all registered members about any upcoming weather events. This rules out any potential harm to crops by providing ample notice to prepare for any weather-related eventuality.

RSS feed and Updates

In addition to live updates with regards to weather forecasts, Nkosh App shall inform farmers with advisory texts about crop calendars, pest and disease control, and market alerts.

Dedicated Price Information Feature:

Nkosh provides this feature so that farmers can get the best possible prices for their crop yields, with a fair and free choice to sell to the party of their choosing.

Farm Intelligence

A dynamic feature that marries artificial intelligence with farm intelligence, Nkosh has been working on AI-based solutions from the research community to market and field farmers with the required financing. This way farmers shall be able to trust new technologies and their essential impact on farms and livelihoods.

Agri Input - Seed Nutrition & protection

Considered the most crucial element in farming and agriculture, quality seed is of vital importance for crop production. Simultaneously, nutrition stimulates crop growth with greater yield, helps in irrigation, crop protection, and control pests, kill weeds, prevent diseases, and protect food, and much more.

Need-based Agri Support

Farmers can simply register their queries, complaints, issues through our Nkosh App which will be attended to swiftly and resolved.


One feature critical to farmer success is Agri loans and crop Insurances as the development and commercialization of agriculture requires financial services that can support farmers, MSMEs, and the crowd-in private sector. This further enhances access to suitable financial services to farmers – particularly smallholders – and agricultural Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) as a way to increase agricultural productivity and income, and facilitate the consolidation of production and marketing entities in agriculture to achieve economies of scale. Nkosh is working deeply with Agri insurance companies to bring the right policies to all our registered farmers.

Sell Produce

Farmers registered on our portal will have the option to sell their products directly to institutional buyers at the end of the cropping season through Nkosh App at mandi price, which will boost up the farmer’s income and more sales and profits gradually.


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Most critical need for any food production company is to ensure the availability of quantity and quality of produce when required for processing. Nkosh provides that platform in combination with producer network through which the supply of produce can be met in timely manner with proper book-keeping.

Our online marketplace allows food Production Company to directly procure from farmers. They can track their transactions, review their commodity procurement etc all through one platform.




MSMEs are known as Micro Small Medium Enterprises which play a very important role for the Indian economy which is primarily engaged in the production, manufacturing, processing, preservation of goods and commodities that are used in regular working day. Nkosh provides a one stop solution for rural entrepreneurs through our tech platform where that can get an access to a wider market segments. For developing world rural agripreneurs, they need to participate in creating a digital marketplace ecosystem that is economically competitive, resilient to market shocks, sustainable and inclusive of entire agri value chain.

"Nkosh promotes a reliable, fair, and open access marketplace with hundred percent accountability through digital transactions and bookkeeping. We want to keep things simple and transparent."

  The promotion of their products online gives MSME’s exposure on our prominent platform, further spotlighting their products on a nationwide marketplace.

  the support of technology upgrades, platform modernization, and infrastructural development.

  Concentrated efforts to focus business advisory for entrepreneurs to optimize their products which will increase their sales and profits.

  By facilitating micro credits or small-scale loans, all processed in one place with zero paperwork.